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05 June 2010 @ 12:00 am
A twitter in my life.  
  • 01:16 So all day I was wondering what spilled in my purse to make it wet.. yeah, turns out the cat PISSED in it. FFFFFFF!!!
  • 02:19 Okay, I need to get to bed. Here's what I've been working on all night (almost finished!!) laurenalexisphotography.com/
  • 11:06 Gotta love today's kids! twitpic.com/1tuwkq
  • 11:35 Got a nice surprise by getting off work 7 hours early! And I didn't even realize that today is my last scheduled day until fall!! WOHOOO!!
  • 11:50 Taco Bell, you just made my day! twitpic.com/1tv9z9
  • 16:36 So, Comedy Central has a rip off of The Soup, or Web Soup rather.
  • 18:18 The one night we are kidless, we don't know what to do. Figures.
  • 18:18 Any nice places to eat in Portage or Valpo?
  • 19:27 Wheeeeeee!! (@ Roundabout) 4sq.com/cVuvxH
  • 19:32 Nom noms. (@ Noodles & Company) 4sq.com/aRfNwn
  • 19:51 Pad Thai, how I've missed you. And I may or may not be cheating with my chopsticks... twitpic.com/1tywrq
  • 20:23 I don't know what's more impressive, eating my entire dinner with chopsticks, or that guy. twitpic.com/1tz6sj
  • 22:15 Finishing date night with Iron Man 2! (@ Portage 16 IMAX Theater) 4sq.com/8JnPdw