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15 May 2010 @ 12:00 am
A twitter in my life.  
  • 00:18 Fix-It Friday!: Been soooo super busy, I'm just popping in to take a break from it all and do a quick Fix-it... tinyurl.com/36cg3fp
  • 00:57 Getting ready to box-color my hair. Wish me luck.
  • 01:37 Okay, box color is meh. Thinking about going in and just getting highlights put back in, though I hate the frizz afterwards :\
  • 02:11 Not happy but it'll do for now. twitpic.com/1nm835
  • 02:13 And for LOL's here's what it's supposed to look like. I don't think it even did anything to be honest! twitpic.com/1nm8c0
  • 02:16 Um, I think it's actually... darker than it was before?! How did that happen?
  • 13:49 Watching Marley and bawling like a baby. Thanks Elliott.
  • 17:39 Working hard or hardly working, you choose :) twitpic.com/1nspua
  • 19:37 I am still in awe over the little boy who survived the plane crash with nothing more than a broken leg. Amazing. tinyurl.com/23xlm7p
  • 22:06 I... I AM SPEECHLESS. IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY. youtu.be/2dc6u92boyw
  • 22:19 I posted 10 photos on Facebook in the album "From Our Home to Yours" bit.ly/bodzKH