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14 May 2010 @ 12:00 am
A twitter in my life.  
  • 00:45 WHAT THE HECK 30 second long THUNDER?! I seriously thought a bomb of some sort went off, my heart's still in my throat!! #nwi #valpo
  • 01:11 One of my many favorites from tonight! bit.ly/bs4VEU
  • 14:07 You have no idea how excited I am to finally be able to check something as "done" on my list! Moving on..
  • 14:11 Seems someone stole my bed. twitpic.com/1nhfx8
  • 18:31 I posted 56 photos on Facebook in the album "NWI Natural Family Living Expo 2010" bit.ly/dBSfaH
  • 18:48 Oh look what I forgot I had on my desk, unopened. That's right, my Mother's Day card. Don't tell my husband.
  • 20:32 At Walmart because the kidlet INSISTED we go.
  • 21:16 So apparently puppy movie, candy, and muffins were on E's shopping list. Who knew! twitpic.com/1nkcfu
  • 22:59 Stress level has come down since I realized that I can do this. Just got to take it all step by step.