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28 April 2010 @ 12:00 am
A twitter in my life.  
  • 00:11 New lens (for my new camera!) has been ordered!! I feel like I have fresh new outlook on life, you have no idea!
  • 01:21 Everyone should go check out @sheyb's newest creation!! bit.ly/dllZU5 She is a real talent, indeed!
  • 01:21 OH MY GOD, Getting ready to close the 'puter down for bed when I hear one of E's toys going off and my heart shot to my throat.
  • 01:23 I instantly thought of our bought of "haunted" toys from last year, and thought I was going to have an anxiety attack right then and there.
  • 01:23 I slowly turn around to see the kidlet had snuck out of bed and playing with it right behind me!! GAHHH!!!
  • 01:25 Time for bedtime, for BOTH of us!! (and to remember to close his door!)
  • 01:38 Kay, beed time, FO REALS.
  • 07:51 LMAOOO! RT @babysteph Hubs blamed the volcanic ash in the sky for the Tooth Fairy's, um, failed visit last night.
  • 13:30 I'm at Uptown Cafe (1400 Lincolnway, Valparaiso). 4sq.com/5jRYFM
  • 13:44 Gracefully eating his grilled cheese at @UptownCafeValpo twitpic.com/1ix220
  • 19:11 Got my photos in the mail today for my booth at the #NWI Natural Living Expo in May!! SO EXCITING!
  • 19:14 Got my photos in the mail today for my booth at the NWI Natural Family Living Expo on May 8th!! You should swing by... bit.ly/aeTJ0U
  • 20:40 E's watching Glee with me. And I sound like Dr. Seuss.
  • 20:58 POOR KURT!!! :((((