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21 May 2010 @ 12:00 am
A twitter in my life.  
  • 00:38 The little three year old I used to mother turned ten today. Love and miss you so much Chad, Happy Birthday from your big sister. ♥
  • 12:03 Kelsea (@kolsen343) brought in the Titanic soundtrack for the littles to listen to for naptime, OMG how I miss that movie!!
  • 17:04 Seriously really disapointed. The only two people who were for sure coming just canceled. FML so hard right now.
  • 17:31 Aaaaand it's canceled. Time to go home and drown my sorrows in the batch of brownies I made.
  • 20:30 "Taking pictures of Coco in the window" twitpic.com/1pj7e7
  • 21:43 Spent the last half hour pretending that we were the kids and E was the mom. Is it wrong that we gave him a taste of his own medicine? LOL
  • 21:54 And by taste, I mean a full-fledged production of all of his wonderful "moments" It was hillarious watching him try to figure out solutions!